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Kokiri Farm & Factory

KokiriKokiri (which means elephant in Korean) is, in my humble opinion, one of the best bars in Yangsan.

Located in Beomeo, Kokiri has a great selection of locally sourced craft beers and guest ales on tap, as well as a variety of international bottled beers. It’s a great place to unwind on a Friday night or any other night of the week.

Kokiri also serves pretty good pizzas (made fresh on site) and other bar snacks. Spirits and wine are also available if you fancy something different.

A glass of craft beer will set you back between 6000-9000 Won, and, compared to some Korean beers, it’s much more flavourful. Pizzas are priced between 12,000-15000 Won. (All prices correct at time of writing)

More info, opening times and directions, can be found here.

Kokiri Map




Lotte Cinema

The only cinema in Yangsan. They show the latest big releases (with Korean subtitles) and Korean films (without English subtitles).

For showtimes in English I use the CineinKorea website (Yangsan is listed in the Gyeongsang section) ( or for Korean you can visit

Directions: The entrance to the cinema is next to exit 4 of Yangsan Subway Station. The lobby is on the 6th floor.



Inter City Bus travel Yangsan Intercity Bus Terminal

From 양산 시외 버스 터미널 (Yangsan intercity bus terminal), which is next to Emart, you can take buses to various places in Korea.  Here’s a timetable of the buses that depart from Yangsan.

Yangsan Bus Times

Place names (Top from left to right): 울산 (Ulsan) 김해 (Gimhae) 전주 / 인산 / 군산 (Jeonju/Ilsan/Gunsan) 동서울 (East Seoul) 남서울 (South Seoul) 오산 / 수원 / 안산  (Osan / Suwon / Ansan) 진주 (Jinju) 해운대 (Haeundae)

Place names (Bottom from left to right): 보성 / 삼호 / 목포 (Boseong/Samho/Mokpo) 신평 (Sinpeong)  마산 (Masan) 창원 (Changwon) 경주, 포항 (Gyeongju, Pohang) 언양 (Eonyang) 고성 / 통영 (Goseong / Tongyeong) 동광양 / 광양 (Donggwangyang, Gwangyang)

Local Buses

There are a number of local buses which are cheap and reliable. More info can be found here (in Korean only):

Here’s a list of some of them:

12 / 12-1 – Tongdosa to Busan

13 – Yangsan – Eonyang – Ulsan KTX Station

16 / 16-1 – Yangsan PNU Hospital – Busan

21 – Bukjeong -Mulgeum – Gupo (Busan)

23 – Bukjeong – Hopo – Gupo (Busan)

32 – Bukjeong – Mulgeum Station

128 / 128-1 – Bukjeong – Mulgeum Station

1200 – Bukjeong – Busan PNU/Oncheonjang

1300 – Yangsan PNU Hospital – Busan

1500 – Mulgeum Station – Busan PNU/Oncheonjang

3000 – Yangsan Emart – Ulsan KTX Station

Trains Mulgeum Station

  • Mulgeum Station – Trains run from here to Busan, east to Jinju and north towards Seoul.
  • Mulgeum isn’t a KTX station and only Mugunghwa and ITX trains (slower trains) run from here.
  • To catch a KTX train you will need to change trains at another station.
  • You can book online here (it’s in English): and collect your tickets at the station.
  • Several buses run to Mulgeum (32, 128, 128-1, 1500) from Yangsan E-mart, which takes 20-30 minutes depending on traffic.
  • To take a taxi,  tell the driver “물금 ” (Mulgeum yeog). Taxis cost 7000-8000 and it takes about 10-15 minutes to arrive at the station.
  • Alternatively you can catch a train from Ulsan KTX station (a 40 minute bus ride on the 3000 from Yangsan E-mart) or Gupo KTX station, which is approximately 35-40 minutes on the Subway from Yangsan station.Mulgeum map

The Subway

Yangsan Subway Station

  • The two main subway stations here are Yangsan and Namyangsan.
  • Line 2 (the green subway line) starts / ends in Yangsan and runs to Jangsan in Busan.
  • Be sure to buy a Cash Bee or T-Money card from a convenience store, which can be topped up on a “Transport Card Recharging” machine at any station and most convenience stores. These cards can also be used on buses.


장백산 (Jang Baeg San)

Changbai Mountain Lamb Restaurant장백산, which translates as Changbai Mountain, is a lamb barbecue restaurant located in Beomeo. The owner, who told me that his name was Joey, serves lamb imported from Australia and New Zealand, and it’s really good.

Ten lamb skewers cost W10,000 and for 3 steaks, W25,000. There are other items on the menu too, which is in Chinese and Korean, but Joey speaks English and is always happy to help. This restaurant also serves Chinese beers (Tsingtao and Harbin), as it’s a Chinese restaurant (though Joey tells me that the barbecue is Korean style).

Directions: Facing Dunkin Donuts you want to take the street to your left. Walk straight and take the 6th street on your right, which is called Hwahap 6-gil, then your next left, which is called Hwahap 4-gil. The bar is the second building on the left-hand side.

Changbai Mountain


스시야마 (Sushi Yama)

Sushi YamaBack home I’d eye with suspicion any eating establishment that’s located in a bus station. However, Yangsan Intercity bus terminal is home to both a Starbucks coffee shop and a sushi restaurant. 스시야마 is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, so you sit at the bar and help yourself to whatever you like, then pay by plate at the end. At the time of writing a plate costs W1950 with salad and soup as service. The bar system makes it a good place for solo dining and there are tables too, should there not be enough space at the bar.


Gio'sThere are so many bakeries here that it can be hard to know which ones to try though I would say that Gio’s is one of the good ones in Yangsan. They have a great selection of cakes and pastries and plenty of free samples, so you can try before you buy. Pain au chocolat, great chocolate cake and the carrot cake are just some of the reasons I make the trip to Gio’s in Beomeo.

Directions: This restaurant is located in 범어 (Beomeo), which is a 15-20 minute walk over the bridge from Yangsan E-Mart. A taxi costs around 3000, just say to the driver, “Beomeo Dunkin Donut-uh.” Gio’s is across the road from Dunkin Donuts, on the other side of Samnyang-ro.

Beomeo Map

Cafe Tospia

Cafe TospiaThis little cafe in Beomeo has a good selection of toasted sandwiches or “press sandwich.” I prefer the sandwiches here to somewhere like ‘Isaac Toast’ as you there’s no hidden extras like pickles or sauce, for example. Ham and cheese is ham and cheese with no suprises.

NB. A few people have informed me that Cafe Tospia has been closed when they’ve gone there to get a sandwich on a weekday. However, in my experience, it’s always been open on weekends.

Directions: This restaurant is located in 범어 (Beomeo), which is a 15-20 minute walk over the bridge from Yangsan E-Mart. A taxi costs around 3000, just say to the driver, “Beomeo Dunkin Donut-uh.” Walk straight down Beomeo-ro (the road to the right of Dunkin Donuts), you should pass several pizza take aways and an hairdressers. Take the next street on your left, cross the street and walk right (in front of the 7/11 convenience store), Cafe Tospia has two entrances. Either enter the big building (Narae World) on your left or take the next street on your left.

Cafe Tospia Map


CAFE da.gam

Cafe da.gamFantastic Panini. Would be one reason to visit this excellent coffee shop in Jungbu-Dong though the coffee is pretty good too. Da.Gan is run by sisters (not nuns), one of whom studied culinary arts in Canada (she’s the one who makes the food).

You can get a Panini & coffee set for W8,500 and they do other food too (see menu images below), including a couple of brunch options. Coffee beans can also be purchased, a blend of Colombian, Guatemalan and Brazilian beans,

The cafe opens from 11am-11pm, has a modern interior and there’s a relaxing atmosphere, which makes it a great place to relax on an afternoon.


Directions: It’s about a 5-10 minute walk from E-mart in Shindoshi. From E-mart cross the street towards Krispy Kremes. Walk left then take your 2nd right (Ganbyeon-ro), you should see Yangsan subway station across the road. Walk straight (parallel to the station) until you pass Moda outlet on your right. Cross the street and walk right down Jungbu-ro until you see a shop called ‘Bob.’ Turn left then take a right (Behind Bob). Walk down this street (Yangju 2-gil), keep going straight at the crossroads, Cafe Da.Gam is opposite a small park on the left-hand side.

Cafe Dagam Map





WA Bar BeomeoWA Bars are a common sight in Korean towns and cities. They sell a selection of world beers, spirits and (maybe overpriced) food. Plus you can play darts on the electronic darts machines.

There are 2 WA Bars in Yangsan, one in Shindoshi and the other in Beomeo.

Directions (Beomeo): Facing Dunkin Donuts you want to take the street to your left (Hwahap 2-gil). Walk straight and take the 4th street on your right (Hwahap 8-gil). The bar is on the left hand side of the street. There’s also an entrance on Hwahap 7-gil, on the right hand side.

Wa Bar Map Beomeo

Directions (Shindoshi): From E-Mart cross the street towards Olive Young and the Olleh phone shop. Walk straight, take the 2nd street on your right, WA Bar is on the left-hand side.

Yangsan Shindoshi Map


Chinese Restaurant (Name Unknown)

Chinese RestaurantI’m a fan of Korea style Chinese food and this great little restaurant in Shindoshi never disappoints.

I recommend the 짜장면 (Jajangmyeon) (noodles in black bean sauce), the 군만두 (Goon mandoo) (fried dumplings) or my favorite 탕수윸 (Tangsooyook) (Korean style sweet and sour pork). The menu (see images below) is in English and Korean and there are plenty of options. It’s reasonably priced and they do take out too.

Directions – From E-Mart cross the road towards Krispy Kremes and walk right. Take the next street on your left, the restaurant is in the next building after the big LG shop, on the right hand side of the road. It’s the one with Chinese writing on it, on the 2nd floor.

PS. I don’t know the name of this restaurant, as the sign is in Chinese.

Chinese Restaurant Map