Alfaiz Uzbekistan Restaurant

Alfaiz Uzbekistan RestaurantUzbek cuisine is one of my favorite food discoveries since coming to Korea. I used to travel to Gimhae, a city about 30 minutes from here, to dine at Registon, a really good Uzbek restaurant.

But Yangsan has an Uzbek restaurant of its own, located on a street which is also home to an Indian restaurant, an Indonesian cafe, a Chinese restaurant and several Asia-Marts (very handy shops which sell products imported from elsewhere in Asia).

Some of my favorite dishes include lamb or beef skewers (Shashlik), dumplings (Manti) as well as fresh bread and sour yoghurt. You can wash it all down with tea, beer or Russian vodka, whatever takes your fancy.

Alfaiz Menu

Directions: This restaurant is located in Bukbu-dong, which is a 10-15 minute walk from E-mart in Shindoshi. With the stadium behind you, walk straight down Samil-ro. Walk straight until you see Skin Food and CNA on your right. You want to take the street on your left (Bugan nam 2-gil). Walk straight, you will pass New Bombay on your left and W Motel on your right. Alfazi is opposite the CoMoN shop on the left hand side.

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