Cafe Tospia

Cafe TospiaThis little cafe in Beomeo has a good selection of toasted sandwiches or “press sandwich.” I prefer the sandwiches here to somewhere like ‘Isaac Toast’ as you there’s no hidden extras like pickles or sauce, for example. Ham and cheese is ham and cheese with no suprises.

NB. A few people have informed me that Cafe Tospia has been closed when they’ve gone there to get a sandwich on a weekday. However, in my experience, it’s always been open on weekends.

Directions: This restaurant is located in 범어 (Beomeo), which is a 15-20 minute walk over the bridge from Yangsan E-Mart. A taxi costs around 3000, just say to the driver, “Beomeo Dunkin Donut-uh.” Walk straight down Beomeo-ro (the road to the right of Dunkin Donuts), you should pass several pizza take aways and an hairdressers. Take the next street on your left, cross the street and walk right (in front of the 7/11 convenience store), Cafe Tospia has two entrances. Either enter the big building (Narae World) on your left or take the next street on your left.

Cafe Tospia Map


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