Inter City Bus travel Yangsan Intercity Bus Terminal

From 양산 시외 버스 터미널 (Yangsan intercity bus terminal), which is next to Emart, you can take buses to various places in Korea.  Here’s a timetable of the buses that depart from Yangsan.

Yangsan Bus Times

Place names (Top from left to right): 울산 (Ulsan) 김해 (Gimhae) 전주 / 인산 / 군산 (Jeonju/Ilsan/Gunsan) 동서울 (East Seoul) 남서울 (South Seoul) 오산 / 수원 / 안산  (Osan / Suwon / Ansan) 진주 (Jinju) 해운대 (Haeundae)

Place names (Bottom from left to right): 보성 / 삼호 / 목포 (Boseong/Samho/Mokpo) 신평 (Sinpeong)  마산 (Masan) 창원 (Changwon) 경주, 포항 (Gyeongju, Pohang) 언양 (Eonyang) 고성 / 통영 (Goseong / Tongyeong) 동광양 / 광양 (Donggwangyang, Gwangyang)

Local Buses

There are a number of local buses which are cheap and reliable. More info can be found here (in Korean only):

Here’s a list of some of them:

12 / 12-1 – Tongdosa to Busan

13 – Yangsan – Eonyang – Ulsan KTX Station

16 / 16-1 – Yangsan PNU Hospital – Busan

21 – Bukjeong -Mulgeum – Gupo (Busan)

23 – Bukjeong – Hopo – Gupo (Busan)

32 – Bukjeong – Mulgeum Station

128 / 128-1 – Bukjeong – Mulgeum Station

1200 – Bukjeong – Busan PNU/Oncheonjang

1300 – Yangsan PNU Hospital – Busan

1500 – Mulgeum Station – Busan PNU/Oncheonjang

3000 – Yangsan Emart – Ulsan KTX Station

Trains Mulgeum Station

  • Mulgeum Station – Trains run from here to Busan, east to Jinju and north towards Seoul.
  • Mulgeum isn’t a KTX station and only Mugunghwa and ITX trains (slower trains) run from here.
  • To catch a KTX train you will need to change trains at another station.
  • You can book online here (it’s in English): and collect your tickets at the station.
  • Several buses run to Mulgeum (32, 128, 128-1, 1500) from Yangsan E-mart, which takes 20-30 minutes depending on traffic.
  • To take a taxi,  tell the driver “물금 ” (Mulgeum yeog). Taxis cost 7000-8000 and it takes about 10-15 minutes to arrive at the station.
  • Alternatively you can catch a train from Ulsan KTX station (a 40 minute bus ride on the 3000 from Yangsan E-mart) or Gupo KTX station, which is approximately 35-40 minutes on the Subway from Yangsan station.Mulgeum map

The Subway

Yangsan Subway Station

  • The two main subway stations here are Yangsan and Namyangsan.
  • Line 2 (the green subway line) starts / ends in Yangsan and runs to Jangsan in Busan.
  • Be sure to buy a Cash Bee or T-Money card from a convenience store, which can be topped up on a “Transport Card Recharging” machine at any station and most convenience stores. These cards can also be used on buses.



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  1. My dream is to visit South Korea one day! 🙂


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